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UK Credit Card Guide

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Hopefully we will be able to help you find the best credit card deals, whatever kind of plastic you are looking for.

Here is a table of some of the best credit cards by APR rate in the UK:

CardsAPR VariableIntro RateBalance TransferCash BackLoyalty
Capital One Fixed Rate9.9%9.9%9.9% 1 August 20120%NOApply
MBNA Platinum Plus15.9%0%0% December 20090%NOApply
MBNA self employed15.9%0%0% 12 months0%NOApply
Halifax All in One Credit Card15.9%0%0% 9 months0%NOApply
Halifax All In One Credit Card15.9%0%0% 9 months0%NOApply

Factors to Consider

The main factors to consider from a credit card are the long term interest rates, and the level of any additional services or rewards offered. Remember to look for a good value long term APR, rather than being tempted by 0% APR offers alone.

Reducing Your Monthly Payments

You may also be looking to reduce your current monthly payments. Whilst balance transfer offers, or low interest rates on purchases may help you to do this, remember that taking a look at your credit cards as part of an overall review of your borrowing may open up ways to reduce your payments further. A personal loan, home-owner loan, or a remortgage package on your house may be options worth considering.

Which Card is Best?..

We can also show you which credit cards are best for international transactions, and which ones are best if you are looking for cash back or other rewards. We can also answer your concerns about card fraud, and show which cards are best for online purchases. You may also be considering applying for a gold or platinum card, and wondering if these offer any benefits beyond a boost to your ego.

Credit Card Advice, Glossary & Questions

For a general introduction to how to find the best credit card to suit your needs, and how to make the best use of your existing cards, please read our credit card advice guide. Our glossary defines the major terms relating to credit cards, and our questions and answer section covers a number of common queries regarding credit and debit cards in the UK.

Multiple Applications

Please be aware that every loan or credit application you make will be recorded by the credit reference agencies such as Equifax and Experian. This can have a negative effect on your future credit rating. However you can search our live comparison database as many times as you like before applying. Try different features, different benefits and compare details of various credit cards. Use our glossary to help you select the right kind of credit card for your circumstances.

Click here to search our credit card comparison database.